Super-OX™ (Part of the DO-IT™ Process)

Oxygenation Equipment for Aerobic Bioremediation

Oxygen is a limiting factor for most aerobic bioremediation efforts. For example, to support the degradation of petroleum hydrocarbon compounds (BTEX, TPH, etc.), 3 times as much oxygen must be delivered for complete biological degradation. Therefore, effective aerobic bioremediation of a  typical UST spill requires the delivery of large masses of dissolved oxygen (DO) to the subsurface. Unfortunately, most conventional remediation systems (i.e. air or oxygen sparging) cannot deliver enough DO to support complete degradation of the TPH mass that is present at a typical UST site.


Extracted groundwater is oxygenated (with up to 40-ppm levels of dissolved oxygen) and amended with nutrients and electron acceptors by our Super-Ox™ equipment platform, which then injects this treatment water back into the subsurface.


This consistent recirculation of oxygen-rich, nutrient-rich treatment water satisfies several critical requirements of all in situ bioremediation systems, including:

  • Constant and appropriate delivery of bioremediation products to support accelerated biological degradation of contaminants.

  • Continuous movement of the injected treatment water through the contaminated soil and groundwater for optimum contact with dissolved and adsorbed contaminants.

  • Control the distribution amended groundwater to specific zones throughout the target area and establish hydraulic control while inducing localized groundwater gradients.

Super-Ox™ Model 10/20/40/50 Water Treatment

The Water Treatment models come standard with 10, 20, 40 or 50 gpm flowrates, and include an integrated bioreactor for above-ground water treatment prior to re-injection of discharge. Features automated product application and re-injection through a customizable, touch-screen controller. Fully insulated and heated. The unit can be customized upon request to include remote telemetry.

Super-Ox™ Model 10/20/40/50 Automatic

The Automatic models come standard with 10, 20, 40 or 50 gpm flowrates. Includes automated biological product application and re-injection of highly oxygenated water through a customizable, touch-screen controller for zone-focused application. Fully insulated and heated.

Super-Ox™ Model 10-Plus & Custom

The 10-Plus and 10-Custom models provide a cost-effective, space saving option for smaller projects. These units provide the same high levels of dissolved oxygen, but require manual product application. The 10-P has a single injection station, while the 10-C adds a six-station automatic controller for zoned application.

Super-Ox™ Model 10-Mobile

The 10-Mobile (10-M) provides the same convenient features of the 10-Plus, along with an integrated tank and easy-to-move trailer. The unit is great for consultants with multiple small projects.

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