CarBstrate™ is a B-vitamin and nutrient-amended carbohydrate substrate specifically designed for in situ application.  In addition to its high solubility and low-retardation factor, it is a non-toxic, food-grade product that includes the macro-nutrients that are necessary for effective microbial growth (i.e. N and P) as well as a specific suite of trace metals that are critical for active anaerobic microbial activity. 



CarBstrate™ is a dry powder that is mixed with water for subsequent subsurface injection or recirculation.  Once delivered into a target saturated zone, this nutrient-amended carbohydrate will stimulate consumption of terminal electron acceptor (TEA) sinks (i.e. dissolved oxygen, nitrate, sulfate, etc.) and provide available total organic carbon (TOC) that will maintain sulfate-reducing and/or methanogenic conditions throughout the target saturated zone.  Additional product information shown in the table below.

Typical anaerobic bioremediation products are focused on applying a certain electron donor substrate. ETEC took a different approach when designing our anaerobic bioremediation products. Our anaerobic bioremediation products were formulated based on fundamental principles that include an easily-degradable substrate, necessary nutrients, and ease of application on a site-wide basis.


Use our anaerobic bioremediation products with the following treatments:

NutriChlor™ is a blend of inorganic compounds and trace metals that are critical for growth of sensitive anaerobic microbial species, especially those that play important roles in the reductive dechlorination process. NutriChlorTM was developed specifically to supplement the use of any electron donor substrate (i.e. lactate, edible oils, etc.).




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By creating optimal conditions in the subsurface ETEC's reductive dechlorination process results in complete dechlorination with no build up of hazardous daughter products such at Vinyl Chloride. 


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