Bioremediation Projects Nationwide

ETEC has performed hundreds of successful projects with a variety of in situ and ex situ applications.  If you don't see a case study below related to your specific issue JUST ASK. There is a good chance ETEC has performed a remediation similar to your situation.

Aerobic - Oxidative Bioremediation

Groundwater Recirculation using the Dissolved Oxygen In situ (DO-IT™) System

Gasoline (BTEX/MTBE) – Brooker, Florida

Gasoline (BTEX/MTBE) – Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

Free Product Diesel – Phoenix, Arizona

No. 4 Oil Free Product Remediation – Massachusetts

Heating Oil – New Jersey

Heating Oil – New Jersey - PINELANDS (achieved PQL's)

Benzene and Toluene - Resin Plant - Ohio

Bedrock and Overburden Gasoline (BTEX/MTBE/TBA) - Edison, New Jersey - Coming Soon 

Existing System Enhancement

Gasoline/Diesel (BTEX/Napthalene) – Florida

Gasoline (BTEX/MTBE) – Massachusetts

Excavation Application

Diesel – Florida

Direct Injection

Gasoline (BTEX/MTBE)

Fuel Oil 


Mobile Injections 

Gasoline (BTEX) - Georgia

Anaerobic - Reductive Bioremediation


Chlorinated Solvents Full-Scale - Manufacturing Facility, High Concentrations

Chlorinated Solvents Full-Scale – Eugene, Oregon

Chlorinated Solvents Full-Scale – Dry Cleaner Horizontal Injection Wells - Florida 

Chlorinated Solvents Full-scale – Lebanon, Oregon

Pentachlorophenal and Chlorinated Solvents Full-Scale - Portland, Oregon


Chlorinated Solvents Full-Scale - Florida - Coming Soon

Chlorinated Solvents Full-Scale - New Jersey - Coming Soon


Hexavalent Chromium Pilot-scale - Walla-Walla, Washington

Nitrate Reduction 


Surfactant Flushing

Biosurfactant Flushing – Active Industrial Facility, New Jersey - Full Case Study

Biosurfactant Flushing – Georgia - Full Case Study

Biosurfactant Flushing – Georgia

Biosurfactant Flushing in Fractured Bedrock - Pennsylvania

Biosurfactant Flushing with Mulit-phase Extraction - Georgia

Biosurfactant Flushing – Georgia


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