DIRECT INJECTION (Injection Wells or Direct Push)

Bioremediation Applications

For sites where permanent treatment systems are not desired, necessary, or feasible, periodic direct injection of bioremediation products can be a cost-efficient cleanup method. Bioremediation products can be injected into any available wells including recovery, air sparge, soil vapor extraction, and injection wells. Injection via direct-push points can be used for site-wide distribution or hot-spot treatment.

The major limitation with most bioremediation products is that they need to be applied as a slurry or are viscous. This leads to minimal distribution and fills the soil pore space. ETEC’s bioremediation products are 100% soluble to allow for increased distribution and easy application.



Direct Injection Benefits

  • Minimal site disturbance

  • Infrastructure, equipment, and O&M cost-savings

  • Increased distribution compared to direct injection of slurry-phase or viscous products

  • Easy application

As with any remediation effort, bioremediation product volumes must be based on the contaminant mass present in the subsurface. ETEC engineers can help you determine the appropriate product volumes necessary along with recommendation for application. Direct injection services are also available from ETEC or our partner remediation service contractors. 


Ask about our mobile injection systems or how we can help support you and your local contractor. 

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