Soil Bioremediation Applications

Environmental consultants conducting excavation and source removal activities at UST sites are looking for cost-effective bioremediation products they can apply to open excavation pits to stimulate biodegradation of residual contaminants in soil and groundwater.


To do it right, here is what you need to know:

Aerobic Bioremediation (Oxidative Bioremediation): Most consultants have been told by vendors that dissolved oxygen is all they need for successful bioremediation. This is fundamentally incorrect - oxygen and other electron acceptors are only one aspect of stimulating effective bioremediation. Other fundamental requirements include nutrients, a desorption agent, and the addition of hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria.

Anaerobic Bioremediation (Reductive Bioremediation): As with aerobic bioremediation, most of the emphasis placed on anaerobic bioremediation is with the choice of electron donor substrate. Using an electron donor substrate without the use of the appropriate nutrients will limit the microbial growth. ETEC includes nutrients with its electron donor substrate to ensure that the anaerobic bioremediation process is maximized.

Mass Balance: ETEC’s approach is to obey the fundamentals of bioremediation by adding the correct mass of electron acceptors or electron donor substrate based on an estimated mass of contaminants at the site. ETEC bioremediation products also include the correct ratio of nitrogen, phosphorous, and other nutrients to ensure limiting conditions do not occur.

Application: ETEC can apply these products for you, or you can apply them yourself using a water truck or a small tank and pump. These products are highly soluble and can be applied in minutes so that the excavation can be backfilled without delay. Our field technicians are also available for emergency response projects, and can be mobilized quickly.