Increase run-time and reduce cost with FeSolv™

Everyone working with remediation equipment has had this problem:  field technicians show up onsite and the extraction system is down, caused by clogged strainers or air stripper buildup.  

Iron-fouling at remediation sites are a major cause of:

  • Reduced run-times

  • Clogged Piping

  • Inefficient air stripper efficiency

  • Increased cost & maintenance for field staff

To help our clients with run-time issues, ETEC developed FeSolv, a non-toxic, low-cost mineral sequestering agent designed to keep dissolved iron and other minerals in solution.  It can be metered inline using a simple system provided by ETEC or added through existing infrastructure. FeSolv has been implemented successfully at sites across the country.  

What Is FeSolv?

FeSolv™ is a proprietary blend of compounds that promote sequestration, chelation and dispersion of naturally-occurring minerals in groundwater, such as iron, manganese, and calcium.  FeSolvis designed specifically to control iron and hardness scaling within groundwater remediation systems, and works by binding target metals in solution, thus preventing metal scaling/precipitation, even under heavy aeration or changes in oxidation/reduction potential.  FeSolvshould be mixed with water to make a concentrated solution, and is fully soluble at mixtures up to 3 lbs. per gallon of water.  This solution can be pumped or metered via a typical metering system.


SOLD as a dry powder or as a premixed solution in a drum or 275 gallon tote. 


Why Use FeSolv™ Sequestering Agent?

  • Uninterrupted run-times

  • Reduced clogging

  • Reduced air stripper buildup